Knowledge Base Company

90% of the projects completed in-house.
We are easy to work-with;  experienced,
fast and competitive.

Historically  launched in 1999 with roots dated back  (see whois records) , one of the  dot-com era service provider inherited. Incorporated in February 2007,  operates as New York State Corporation. A small, “Boutique Entrepreneur Technology Company” specialized in Web/Internet/IT technologies. Centered for: advancing technological developments, innovations.

Regard to Web Development, we have quite long history of experience and client base. We do and deliver the job; from very small personal web pages to medium, enterprise size complex projects. We can handle all your web needs with all extends.. Not only understanding of hand-coding and application development but also because of our deep involvements in many industries over many years, makes us uniquely understand what the business needs from the owner perspective and how to satisfy your requirements.

Please contact us for your other technologic challenges as well.   We do consulting services, not only us but also through with our team of  close circle colleagues, web developers, designers, programmers, data experts, engineers, hardware specialists, product experts,  scientists, and  other solution providers. 

Our dedicated team is highly professional.  We  do the job without need to outsource. We have knowledge and experience..  We build up various capacities  and skills, by actively being  in business over many years .  Besides that, our  marketing, PR  and media network reaches to many industries and globally. Working with us,  is worthy, privileged and will benefit  your business.  Thank you for staying in touch.