Technical Look Into Your Website and Suggestions


For Website Owners and Marketers
Technical Review To Your Website –
Look In-Dept,  Testing and Suggestions –
NS Lookups/DNS/SSL/CDN/MX/CNAME/TXT/SOA/SPF/DKIM/DMARC & Alignment Policies etc.



For Website Owners and Marketers
Technical Look Into Your Website – Look In-Dept, Testing & Suggestions

This is not an up-selling  but it a specialized technical review.

This is a technical review only. We will not focus on the look of the website  but the technical aspects of it.
Our professional team will look in-dept, review and suggest you what are the main issues;
and suggestions to improve it. We’ll run various of tests and will inform you the result with suggestions.

We’ll not ask any log-in credentials but tests will be done from our end.
We’ll run various of Tests and suggestions of your website.
Such as Domain and Website, NS Lookups/
SPF/DKIM/DMARC and Alignment Policies etc.

Upon your payment we’ll schedule a job and
mail you the results and our suggestions  “with-in a week
depending on our schedule, usually it takes 3 days.

Since this is a time base fee, No return policy applies.
Our service is AS IS basis without any warranty.

Suggestions are opinion-base &  based on our expertise.
This is tech. analyze and review service only,
we do not fix or solve your website issues pointed,
but we’ll report and suggest you what’s need to be done.

We  have  No Return / No refund policy for this Service

Reason: it is a prepaid service for our “time-fee”,
we charge money  for our time to spend on your project, 
It is “as is” service and all sales are final;
our suggestions are “our opinion” based on experience.
Medyamax Inc. respects the consumers’ legal rights,
so we make it clear and conspicuous to our customers
before the checkout. We also posted on our website
under:  refund-and-return-policy