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“Beauty and Clean Code” with OceanWP

We recently awarded “Agency Partnership” with OceanWP; can’t stop myself saying a few words on that.

We have quiet experience with OceanWP and its extensions. It was a full discovery for us at the beginning. Our most concern was, what the WP framework should be, without falling us to  “dead-end” solutions to our clients.  Website’s “Beauty and Clean Code” should go alongside each other, otherwise  it turns into a kind of “love blindness”.  Most WP beginners and novice developers, they only go with the web site’s shiny look and cost.. that is totally wrong. Easy step-in  with wrong choices always costs money especially with WP.  Web service providers  especially should be more picky about offering and delivering the job  to their clients; Most of the clients are not aware of these technicalities, but we should guide them well. Remember that having a website is just the beginning and small portion of the journey to success.

How do we choose the right design? Although most designers go only with the Look of the Theme, this is not the case. The Framework, Clean code, Changelogs and code conflicts, PHP version and modules  support,  compatibility issues, loading issues, css,  js, optimizations, bugs and fix issues, admin interface  etc… u name it.  All these elements should be taken in consideration.  Not only the look and price but  we should review the theme well before buying it to avoid costly future problems.

I know a lot of good frameworks and beautiful themes out there… OceanWP is one of the most  remarkable one. Beautifully designed themes, awesome plug-in and extensions, well written documentation, always updated with the latest WP versions, feature rich customization tools with plenty of plug-in extensions; It’s light-weight framework, coding structure and clean code practices, truly admires us besides the awesome developer support.  That’s Max! and we go for it..


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