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Medyamax inc. @ Google Latino Social Media Week

Medyamax inc. –  M. Cekinmez (CEO) was official speaker at Google’ golden sponsored event LSMW -Latino Social Media Week,  presented a blueprint for achieving success with Web Development and Integrations,  Digital Marketing, Auto-run lead generating, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and  Cloud/AI in full extend regard to Web & Media Automation.  He also urged parents and educators to put  maximum importance on “preschool & early age”  tutoring and programming classes to be competitive in technology arena. 

LSMW -Latino Social Media Week,  organized by Nolagko Nolasco – CEO, Neoyorkinos Media Group with The Google partnership to introduce the latest technological advancements and tools to Social Media.  

Event brought  together  marketing, media,  influencers and technology professionals with  the foremost leaders  such as  Salesforce, YouTube,  Apple Political, Spectrum, T-Mobile, NY1 Noticias, New York Times,  Univision, Telemicro and other industry leading companies.   

Event started with welcoming words from the Mr. Nolagko Nolasco , CEO of Neoyorkinos Media Group then  followed by remarks of Council member Ydanis Rodríguez. Speaks of distinguished industry Leaders take a stage .  such as Germán Santana (Google), Stephany Lumpkin (YouTube),  Victoria Vijaba (Salesforce),  George Alvarez (Apple Political), Sisko Anthony(Ford Motor Co.),  María del Pilar Casals (Univisión),  Fernando Cárdenas (NY1 News) just a few name to mention besides the celebrities, news and media.

Three days of  high level networking, information gathering, discussions and workshops took a place, highlighted opportunities in latina communities  in regard to technology, production, broadcast, streaming,  Photography, video, virtual reality, web, mobile and social media.  Professional proposals presented at the conferences, forums and workshops. .

LSMW -Latino Social Media Week event,   globally  broadcasted through participating media partners, pr and media channels.For more info about LSMW,  visit : Neoyorkinos Media Group

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Medyamax WebDev, currently working on advance web technologies, besides AI/ML, Data Science and Web Development as core activity.