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Medyamax Inc. @ ​​1WORLDFESTGLOBAL

Medyamax Inc, stands by  “1WORLDFESTGLOBAL” a global movement,  lead by Kamell Ellis- C.E.O/Co-Founder and great team behind it. Kamell is a long time friend, great sample to the community;  truly admirable and beautiful person.

“1WORLDFESTGLOBAL” promotes the embracing of Diversity, Tolerance, and Inclusion as a goal and global social harmony via a deeper understanding and embrace of cultural, religious, gender and racial diversity.  

The movement states that “As human beings we are all imbued with unique qualities that make us different and a binding humanity that bonds us at a root existential level. It is a vision that must be strived for through self-actualization, cultural appreciation, and sharing and understanding that we are all part of the divine.”

Many thanks “1WORLDFESTGLOBAL” for  stand out, for the people and the world.


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