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Abacus AI – New Path to Learning

New Year arrived with scheduled training and workshops. Not only increasing our knowledgebase but also we find each class is fun and enjoyable.  Thanks to Abacus.AI for the classes, new  tools and resources. 

Not a show-off, never said knowing better than GPT 🙂  Posting our certificates, for only to state our appreciation, nothing more, nothing less; We are just learners. It is good to praise about Abacus AI and their  deep-dive training and education programme in the AI/ML space.   

Abacus.AI is the world’s first AI-assisted data science and end-to-end MLOps platform that enables real-time machine and deep learning at scale for common enterprise use cases. You can bring your own models or use our neural network and generative AI techniques to create highly-accurate models and operationalize them in production.

Abacus.AI state-of-the-art platform solves many challenges such as Natural Language Processing , Predictive Modeling, multi-objective, real-time recommendation models, deep learning models to derive insights from unstructured text, Deploy completely autonomous, accurate deep learning powered forecasting and planning,  merge batch and streaming data pipelines​, ​build features in SQL or Python, data cleaning and processing, algorithm selection (classification or regression), and model creation,  extract insights from your images,   machine learning models to handle both hard and soft constraints.

Abacus.AI Abacus.AI has developed techniques to train custom neural networks that outperform classical models and are easily automated.  It’s state-of-the-art toolset that allows ML practitioners and data science teams to wrangle data, build real-time machine and deep learning features, upload ipython notebooks, monitor model drift, and set up CI/CD for machine learning systems.