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Tony Cruz, RAM TWO – The South Bronx

Medyama​​x Inc., supporting the “Vision Awareness Protection Campaign”,
received an awesome Artwork from “Legendary”  Tony Cruz, also known as Ram Two.

Award-winning, multi-talent, “South Bronx” Graffiti Artist/Advertising Mural Designer/Photographer.Museum Art Therapy Teacher/Creative Producer/Poet/Lyricist/Songwriter/Vision Protection Advocate

​1980s Hip Hop Artist & He did years of publicity work with famed blind guitarist Jose Feliciano.

He is The First graffiti artist to teach at the Metropolitan Museum, working with the visually impaired and the blind, to foster inner victorious visions to use art as a tool for self therapy, self enhancement.  

He painted over 200 murals around the Bronx, the rest of New York City and many countries.

He launched The Vision Awareness Protection Campaign  in New York City and Baruch College and spoke at The United Nations General Assembly. Tony Cruz addressed the international delegates on issues of computers Blue and LED  lighting’s harmful effects during the UN’s global impact summit.  

He is an active community member, Tony was featured in the local news for awarding 11 scholarships for students to attend the after school program at the Bronx River Art Center.  He partnered with the Bronx River Arts Center, teaching children and parents about eye and vision health through art.

More to hear from Tony Cruz, currently working on graffiti art documentaries.

Thanks to our beautiful friend,
for this awesome Artwork!

Featured in Photo Muralist -Tony Cruz, Ram Two – Image used as a courtesy of Tony Cruz @ all rights reserved.