You are currently viewing The UASIAFF All Action VR experience

The UASIAFF All Action VR experience

Medyamax is on the stage of the ultimate Action pose-down event of the year with the advance virtual VR experience.

Ultimate UASE VR Experiences includes Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Last Dragon, Bad Boys, Mortal Kombat , Electra, Fantastic, Doom, Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back, Ninja Assassin and so on.

Urban Action Showcase International Action Film Festival featuring the Warner Media Action Short Film Competition. The UASIAFF is the only All Action Film Showcase, Film Festival, Action Script Competition, and Action Expo celebrating and honoring the Multicultural achievements in the blockbuster Action genre.  

Warner Media’s HBO, Imax, Cinemax, Warner Bros and others partnership will include Networks, a media company which hosts over 200 channels and 1,500 videos on its dedicated network, enables and empowers content creators and brands seeking to present and distribute their unique product across a series of digital media platforms, including Apple TV, ROKU, Amazon Fire Stick and many others.