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UASE/HBO/Cinemax/IMAX/El Rey Networks

UAS International Action Film Festival, Expo & Honoree Awards held on Saturday, Nov. 9th 2019 @ AMC Empire 25 Theaters @ Times Square NYC  

Since the beginning Medyamax Inc. supports The Urban Action Showcase and Expo (UASE) is the premier all-action experiential entertainment platform celebrating diversity and honoring the past, present and future multicultural achievements within the blockbuster Action genre including Adventure, Fantasy, Grindhouse, Action Horror, Martial Arts, Sci-Fi, and Supernatural content.  The UASE is the only Action entertainment platform offering both fan and professional experiences serving the under-represented and under-recognized urban multicultural demographic supported by the HBO/Cinemax brand. Our UAS IAFF features the exclusive Cinemax Action Short Film Competition where the winner receives distribution on the Cinemax platform including Linear, On Demand and Max Go.  

On the acton side,   The Last Dragon 35th Anniversary Celebration,  Warrior Season 1 Marathon ready for Season 2 of the new Bruce Lee inspired Cinemax series Warrior!   10 episodes with Perry Yung aka Father Jun leader of the Hop Wei and Henry Yuk aka Long Zii leader of the Long Zii gand.   Celebrity Autographs, Photo Op’s, Blu-Ray’s and Merch!  Showcase Film Characters , Star Wars, The Warriors , The Matrix, Black Dynamite, The Last Dragon,  special guest Michael Jai White,  Honoree Awards  &  After Party!   .”Thank you” to  Demetrius Angelo and ASC Troopers Touch Entertainment; all team and creative friends.

Technology side?  Yes,  we are here… At this industry specific event Medyamax WebDev headed by Robert Perez, Director of ART/Photography focused on UI/UX Design and  design-centric methodology. He demonstrated photography & modern vision techniques for  modern html5 mobile responsive web developments.  Further,  Medyamax Artificial intelligence (AI) consulting team emphasized on Data centric applications, how to scale at large with the ability to aggregate and segment large sets of data.
Medyamax inc.  endorsed MOAD ADA applications  (Advanced development for artificial intelligence)   to UASE EXPO,   HBO.  CINEMAX etc. to all movie industry for  handling 4K video editing, virtual reality (VR) content creation, game development and complex rendering tasks with great speed and efficiency.   MOAD  Cutting edge  technology  by Ekaveda /  Dr. Rahul Remanan CEO and Chief Imagination Officer,  it is used for   artificial intelligence or computational simulations, also  it is revolution to the movie industry.
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Photo credits: Robert Perez