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Artificial Intelligence In the Movie Industry

We are seeing a number of opportuni​​ties in  AI/ML can contribute to film industry in pre-production, production,  post-production, marketing and distribution in many ways. Data, analytics and predictive intelligence enables companies to quickly perform critical decisions throughout a film’s value chain.  

​Sophisticated AI tools  generate insights  from large data sets​, using​​ machine learning algorithms​ ​to understand ​and predict using​  various of data elements​​ ​and metrics such as ​box office data​, ​feedback, media posts. age, race, or location, demographics, weather, historical box office statistics, ticketing data, habits and behaviours etc.. 

By evolving Artificial intelligence Automation, AI is also becoming a  ‘democratisation tool’ for the film industry.  it can provide writers, directors and producers with a similar level of knowledge as the big studios and ​movie ​streamers.​ ​Movie sets will also drastically change different in the future with real actors and computer-generated ones.  

AI can streamline the processes in pre-production. For example, AI Helpdesk and Digital assistants can help plan schedules for shoots and other repetitive tasks. It can analyze the dates available for actors and plan the schedule calendars.

AI driven Chat bots highly in use to uncover unexpected insights and spot trends early, from the viewers and prospects by using intelligent agents and AI methods.

As AI technology can understand scripts and screenplays, it can also recognize the locations described in the script. Then it suggests real-world locations where directors can go and shoot the scene. This saves a lot of time in scouting locations and photography.

Additionally, the technology can be leveraged for casting purposes. AI can help producers and casting directors choose the right actors. AI algorithms can be used to analyze the past performances of actors. It can analyze the regions where their movies were a hit, and the actors have a huge fan following. Producers can then plan their promotions and marketing campaigns

Knowledge Sharing

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Our presentation also includes valuable  Research Papers:
1) Artificial Intelligence and Contemporary Film Production: A Preliminary Survey (27 pages, PDF)
2) The Possibility of an AI Auteur? AI Authorship In the AI Film (16 pages, PDF)
3) AI in the media and creative industries (35 pages, PDF)

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