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Medyamax Inc. Presented @ 49th Precinct (NYPD49Pct)

Medyamax Inc. presented  at 49th Precinct of The New York City Police Department  (NYPD49Pct).  Clergy Council organized event brought together the  law enforcement officials, the clergy  and  community leaders.

Our presentation took a place after the speech of honorary Pastor Jay Gooding Sr., the clergy liaison for the 49th precinct in the Bronx , NYPD49Pct Clergy Council President , who is head runner a mission of community-based “Stop the Violence program”. Pastor Jay Gooding of the Fellowship Tabernacle Ministries sounded the alarm over violence. The initiative pinpoints this problem and brings police officers to pair and unite with members of community organizations.    Pastor Jay Gooding has committed himself to anti-gun violence.  He is also Director of Community Outreach for Jacobi Medical Center’s   anti-violence program based out of Jacobi Medical Center called “Stand Up to Violence” by Patrick Rocchio.

As a part of  NYPD49Pct Community Partnership program,  Medyamax Inc.   presented “Web/Data/Online Services”  and web centric approach to  benefit the public advocacy besides  building sustainable community and business etc.. Using  web technologies is the most effective method for empowering the people  and adapting ourselves to  the new digital age.   Teaching coding, and programming at early ages through STEM and other educational programs will benefit our communities.  Focusing on education and using Web/data technologies will help our youngsters  to stay out of trouble and prepare them to brighter future. All the community and local businesses will benefit with digitally transformation and this will open wide range of new opportunities to all of us. 

Pastor Jay Gooding and Bronx DA. Darcel Clark helped collect 99 guns at the Fellowship Tabernacle of Praise church on E. Gun Hill Road in Laconia. – Credits: NYPD, NYC.GOV,  Joseph Stepansky / New York Daily News,  Fellowship Tabernacle Ministries